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All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1837 VR item #1316003
This incredible large Hardanger sheet is a true work of art. It is made of 3 panels joined with two seams handsewn with what was known as an "invisible seams" to fit a large bed. So expertly executed that it is hardly seen to the naked eye. This was hand loomed when the looms were so narrow. I imagine it was home grown flax, carded, spun and woven into this white fabric in the period between 1650-1850 when Hardangersom (meaning: work from Hardanger area) flourished in Norway. It is a nice soft a...
All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Culinary : Pre 1910 item #1315813
This handmade French baker's proofing basket were used to leave the coiled designs on breads that were so loved. They still are, however have gone the way of modernization! I've searched for these original unique baskets for years! So I was thrilled to find this rare handmade banneton of coiled sweetgrass. I think it is ryegrass. it is in wonderful condition for its age. It seems that the terminology is evolving such that the molds that leave the coiled designs are referred to as brotforms, and ...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Iron : Pre 1920 item #1286799
This huge and very heavy tray, (4 lbs.), is beautifully hand painted with a beribboned bouquet including lily of the valley, roses, tulips, daisies, and more.It measures 19 3/4" and is 1" deep. Most unique to add to your tole or tray collection. Would make a wonderful tray table as well on an ottoman. Expected wear shown in photos. I found this in an antique fair in Zurich, so it could be from any European country. Thank you for visiting!
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1285358
This splendid pillow slip or sham is of the finest, fluid and drapey linen! However the intricate and finely worked needle lace or reticella is stunning. Then there is the perfectly executed monogram of MT with floral tendrils of embroidery and teeny eyelets on stems.This hand embroidery, though not professional but certainly by a very accomplished young lady, possibly for her trousseau. Most unusual to find a sham of this age with an open end instead of button closure. I believe the 3" hem was ...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1940 item #1285354 (stock #BS0002)
This precious open ended sham is a delightful addition to your pillows!Each end has a flounce of vintage Swiss batiste lace trim and the two insertions of different trim. The Swiss have always been known for this type of excellent trim It measures 24" X 13 . You might choose to use a shorter pillow insertion, showing more of the flounce . The cotton of the main between the trim measures 13" X 11 1/2". Thank you for visiting!
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1285350 (stock #BS0001)
This lovely bolster sham has 2 double rows of pin tucks, a 2 1/2" lace insertions and 2" scalloped lace at each end. It has older machine guided monogram JM with embroidered flowers winding throughout. The fabric is a very fine cotton. There are no stains. There are a few hand mends in the lace which didn't show in photos. I've just laundered and pressed it for you to use. It measures 44" plus 7" of lace trim at each end. A beautiful addition to any bed! Layaways are available. Thank you for vis...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1900 item #1280709
This large and magnificent layover sham, was most likely created as a trousseau piece with room for the groom's initial in between. The hand monogram is precisely embroidered in raised or padded stitching on fine cotton. However the rows of pulled and needleworked lace are incredible works of art! The deep 2" edge trim is older hand guided machine embroidered. Over all it measures approx. 44" X 31". I have just safely laundered and pressed it, and feel it is in excellent condition. Certainly a m...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : Pre 1900 item #1274474 (stock #C0073)
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This stunning asparagus/vegetable/ fruit drainer is most rare. I cannot find anything similar to it's style and design. The pierced drain design is elaborate and most unusual. The lovely blue designs are a combination of hand painting and transferware. I found this in Belgium in a favorite antique shop. It sit's on 3 decorated and applied feet.The ornate scalloping is decorated on both sides One small break to the top left scrolled pierce and small chip shown in 3rd photo. Age related coloring ...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Religious Artifacts : Christian : Pre 1900 item #1257117 (stock #R0020)
This lovely standing crucifix was for home and also might have been taken with the family while traveling. I love the patina and verdigris! It is heavy cast bronze/brass. The figure of Christ is firmly attached with the 2 little rounds you might see on the back.I found it in Belgium, very dark with age. As I cleaned the back to try to read the impressed markings, the verdigris began blooming, so I continued to clean! I leave it to you, if you want to make it shiny and bright. It stands 6 3/4" t...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1256059
This amazing fine linen tea cloth or centerpiece has the most beautifully executed Italian reticella drawnwork and perfectly stitched embroidered floral designs all by hand. The embroidery stands out and is heavily stitched with precision. The needle lace drawn work is some of the finest I have seen, with intricate designs throughout. It has 3 " of hand made bobbin lace surrounding it. It measures approx. 44" in diameter. As found in wonderful condition, and will become whiter with future launde...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Ceramics : English : Pottery : Pre 1950 item #1254468 (stock #C0072)
This ironstone plate is from a series by Wood & Sons of England circa 1940. The center scene of the 2 hunters on their horses with their hounds is very vivid with realism. The brown transferware pattern of peonies, roses, and foliage forms a deep border. this particular scene is quite sought after by collectors of brown transferware and hunting scenes. In excellent condition, with only crazing due to age. Marked on back Alpine white ironstone Wood & Sons England. Measures 10". thank you for vis...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1253822
this beautiful set of 4 cocktail,tea napkins or even doilies has the most intricate pulled lace, filled with Maltese crosses and then hem stitched all 4 sides. All are freshly laundered. There is 1 shown in photos with what seems to be a small flaw in the weave of the fine cotton fabric. Only shows under close inspection. Measure approx. 11 1/2", So delightful for your collection and serving! Thank you for visiting!
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1253265
The embroidery and buttonholed scallops with rare little knots around were most certainly hand made by a quite accomplished artist! The satin stitching is so perfect and stands so tall. This piece was almost certainly done by a young woman for her trousseau, as the basket was often a symbol of prosperity in the marriage. Perfect for a young bride today, perhaps as a centerpiece for the vase of flowers (hopefully not carnations) her new husband just presented. I'm so grateful to find such incredi...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1253015
This c. 1900 large linen centerpiece has 8 bouquets of daisies embroidered in beautiful royal society silk work. White daisies with yellow centers and green stems wrapped around with champagne colored silk embroidered ribbon. The beautifully scalloped edge is worked in silk buttonhole stitching. In excellent condition as found! Measures 19" dia.
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Organics : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1252441
This precious piece has cherubs and chariots hand etched then painted on a domed stained satin wood box. Absolutely fabulous! I have just given it a light cleaning and leave the polishing to you if you prefer. The inside has a removable wooden piece for you to divide it in half if you want. It measures approx. 6 1/4" X 4 3/4" and 2 3/4" deep. In wonderful condition for it's age, with the slightest crackling across the ebonized band. thank you for visiting!
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1238608
This beautiful linen hanky is edged with elaborate chemical lace. Chemical lace, an imitation of finer laces of late 19th and early 20th c. is rare to find in such perfect condition. Luckily, this one was never used! Indeed it is a treasure for collectors. It measures 11.5" and is bright white...perfect for a wedding day! Thank you for visiting! !
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1238573
This vintage Irish linen cloth for tea or table top is filled with such wonderful patterns in its damask weave. Olive branches, fleur de lis, clovers, and geometrics literally cover it. There is perfect drawn and needle worked border all around with each corner filled with tiny snow flakes,then there is the silky self fringe. It measure 20" X 27" with additional 2" of fringe all around. It is bright white and in very good condition with only one small faint pink stain shown in 5th photo. It j...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Textiles : Linens and Lace : Pre 1920 item #1237968
The work in this piece is so fabulous! In the style of antique embroidered painting, the roses are just perfectly executed by hand, in the finest petit point stitches. In addition ,there is the hand made lace surrounding it. It is in excellent condition for its age and would be so delightful for your tea, dresser top, framed or even made into a pillow! The faintest of storage stains are barely visible in photo. It measures 12" across not including the 3" of lace surrounding all. Thank you for...